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Everyone knows money is not the bottom line for happiness.  Getting the changes you want in your life is the real bottom line for happiness. When you’re unclear or stuck, and want clarity so you can act, the bottom line becomes getting the outcome you want.

It was my own search for purpose, meaning, and peace of mind that led me to travel the globe, exploring the possibilities and limits of my mind and heart as well as what might lie beyond them.  I’ve lacked clarity and been stuck so many times I can’t tell you. And I have explored so many ways to get clear and unstuck, some of which worked and most of which did not.

Finding Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, and Mindfulness changed the course of my search and thus the direction of my life. And for the past 35 years I have been passionately engaged with coaching and transformational change.

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I discovered when it’s time to reach out and seek support, finding just the right coach or guide can make all the difference.  This means taking your time to find someone you feel listens to you. Someone who also knows what it’s like to feel stuck with no clue how to get unstuck. And who has the skills to help you realize how you can free yourself from self-imposed limitations and finally move on to your next step.

A great coach will help you discover and/or articulate your goals. They will support you to identify what’s stopping you from reaching those goals. And they will help you strategize appropriate solutions. When this is done, your coach becomes your point of accountability. Then the job is to support and encourage you to do what  needs to be done to actualize those strategies, remove the obstacles, and achieve your desired outcomes.

While I was going through my trainings, I realized how much I enjoyed helping people actually change their behaviors. Since then I’ve been honored to work all around the globe. My clients’ professions range from CEO, Executive Director, and Entrepreneur, to therapist, artist, and author. And because of my background and experience in spiritual inquiry, I’ve drawn folks in all stages of the human search for purpose, meaning, and happiness.

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What Is Bottom Line Coaching?
Knowing what you need to know to reach your goals is essential. BUT ... the bottom line for success is being able to DO what you need to do. The key is being able to move through the obstacles and objections in your way and reach your goals. In other words, take action! 

Whether you want to increase your income, expand your sense of self-esteem, create a better relationship, explore how to boost your career, or gain insight into your life’s meaning and purpose, the bottom line for success is implementing what you’ve discovered via the power of action.  To know what you want is the first step.  To fulfill that desire is pure joy and delight.  To discover you truly are more than you thought possible builds both confidence and humility.

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Every coach has a speciality that makes them just a little bit different from others. In my case, I will always honor the goals of traditional Coaching first – BUT – my specialty is helping those who still feel stuck even though they now understand what’s going on.  They want to go further, but don't necessarily want to see a therapist or counselor.

In addition to coaching, I bring over 35 years of experience utilizing, and training others, in the tools and processes from the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), The Enneagram of Personality, Energy Psychology, Paradox Management, and other behavior change modalities. These are models designed to get the changes you want to actually show up in your everyday behavior.

If you still can’t take that final step and instigate action, I may be the perfect coach for you. In this scenario, it’s time to rewire your brain so it will work for you instead of against you. That means creating new neural pathways, which is my specialty.

These new pathways can transform your intention to act into real action, fulfilling the bottom line of your desire for success, satisfaction, and happiness - connecting you with your own special gifts and talents, and your amazing freedom to use them.

Ready For A Chat?
If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, and willing to do the work required, I look forward to working with you.

To schedule your first session, please go to SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT just below, or give me a call at 425 462 4369. 

You have untapped reservoirs of aliveness, success, and satisfaction patiently awaiting your arrival!

Looking forward to meeting up with you soon.

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