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Below are a few short animated videos to give you a taste of the kinds of issues people bring to coaching.

George's Struggle With Abundance vs. Lack

This delightful man believes that happiness comes from wealth. So his entire life slowly becomes dedicated to creating abundance. The problem is when any sign of lack appears, George gets stressed, anxious, and scared. So he stops himself from spending his money - and will only dream of having fun and relaxing. Obviously, the happiness he seeks has started eluding him.



Toby's Desire To Create & Maintain Work/Life Balance

This beautiful and talented woman is under the influence of her desire to be 'Super Woman'. So she does everything she can EXCEPT take care of herself.  Without understanding how it happened, her sense of balance and happiness has left her life completely. Finally Toby realizes she is unhappy and stressed out without a clue how to arrange her life differently. She just wants to somehow include fulfilling her own need for downtime and fun.



Lance's Struggle With Power In His Relationship

This fellow finds himself arguing alot with his significant other. His solution is to work more and more overtime, putting all his energy into work so he can avoid fighting. Unfortunately, Lance has no idea what's wrong.  He only knows he's lost all sense of having any power to influence what happens between him and his partner.  And, he's unhappy.


Everything in life is actually a relationship with something - an object, an idea, or someone, including yourself. But relating with other people is usually the most problematic for all of us.

Want Free Tips For Tranforming Anger In Relationships?

I'd like to share some specific tips for managing what is probably the most common relatonship issue of all time - arguing! I will send you one lesson from my 8 lesson course on Transforming Anger In Relationships - including a very informative and fun 2 minute video entitled The Onion Dilemma.  I think you'll enjoy and appreciate the tips and guidelines offered up in this lesson.

If you find the lesson useful and want more, you can sign up for the full 8 lesson on-line course. And what's really cool is that the truly inexpensive cost is your choice - $10, $25, or $40.

Just fill in your information below and click Submit. Then look for an email to confirm you're the one who sent us your information. Once we get your confirmation, we'll send you an email with the link to pick up your free lesson and video  with details for how to get access to the full course.



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